What is the best cell phone locator app it’s free?

best cell phone locator appThe best free cell phone locator apps pale in comparison to a paid solution that actually has developers behind it working full-time to develop the software behind it. Free software is often riddled with bugs and if very unsuitable for use in any seriously important task. For something as specific – and potentially critical – as cell phone location, you’ll want an app that’s been properly developed with an actual budget to pay for the efforts of skilled programmers and designers.

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Paid Cell Phone Monitoring Solution

mSpy is a paid solution that offers a wide array of cell phone monitoring features including GPS location. In addition to letting you view the exact location of the target cell phone on a map, it can also do lots of other things like track the calls, messages, and other activities on the device which can be useful in tracking down a stolen device or keeping tabs on the user of a device (like maybe your child or employee).

How to Install Monitoring Software

The app itself is pretty easy to set up and use. You only need access to the phone for a couple of minutes to install the application and configure it – after which it will hide itself in the background in case you’d prefer for user(s) of the phone to not know that the app is present. From then on, you’ll be able to access all the information you need (including GPS location) from anywhere with Internet access and a web browser.

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