These days, you see a lot of relationships go through a rough patch. One of the most common reasons of a break up is infidelity. That is the reason, a lot of people out there, opts for the cell spy system to clear their doubts. Due to the increase in demand, a lot of cell spy companies keep inventing new features according to the demand of the customers and help the customers better.

Stay sure with tracking app

The software helps you get details about every activity that happened on your spouses’ phone. Those activities will either clear your doubts or serve as proofs for further use.

Let us see how the spyware helps you know what is exactly going on behind your back

To start with, you need to install the cell spy app in your spouse’s cell phone. Once that is done, you need to download the software given by the spy company into your pc or laptop. That done, you can sit back and browse thru all the activities that your spouse is into on her cell phone.

Get every detail from the remote phone

Tracking app mSpy protects your familyThrough the cell spy app you can get all the details like the time and the duration every call was made or received by the cell phone of your spouse. It also tracks made by Skype and Viber.

You can view the sites your partner browses thru. In the process, you can check all the emails, chat messages and IM’s sent and received thru the cell. Some of the most common chats which are popularly used online are Facebook, Gtalk and Yahoo Messenger. All these chats can be viewed by you on the control panel.

You can view all the contact details, the pictures, the audio and the video clips that are saved on the target’s cell phone.

Advanced GPS tracking

Thru the GPS locator, you can check the exact location of your spouse and the place she is headed to with the help of a map provided.

You have an option calledThe Couple Tracker in Android phones. With mutual consent, both the partners are allowed to keep a watch on each other. With the help of this feature, you know the exact time of any activity along with the duration. So, even if you are busy, you don’t have to call to know each other’s location and what your spouse is doing. The couple tracker helps you here.

This feature is not valid if you want to track your spouse on the quiet. In this case, you would need to install the app on your partner’s phone without her knowledge. Once the software is installed on the phone, you can browse all the activities from your control panel.