For teenagers, technology is the life force that drives the world and without which everything would stop and wither away, and for parents it is something that puts their children in unexpected danger. The fact that today almost every teenager uses a smartphone is troubling for concerned parents as this may expose their children to some things that are not healthy for them.

Why Phone Monitoring is Important

  • 20% of teenagers today are involved in sexting.
  • 30% of teenagers using smartphones have had a friend send them a nude photo.
  • 61% of the senders of these nude photos were pressured by someone else to do so.
  • 90% of the teens are online every day for 5 hours which opens the doors to many dangers like online predators.

All these reasons make it important for parents to monitor their children’s activities on their mobile phones.

Monitoring an iPhone

The fact that iPhone users don’t have enough control over their devices makes it hard for parents to monitor their children’s devices. The most common answer anyone will give you is to jailbreak the phone you are trying to keep an eye on, which is a difficult process and may not always be feasible because you taking your child’s phone for some time will look suspicious. That is why parents have been waited for some way to track their children’s iPhones without having to jailbreak it, and their wait has no paid off.

There is finally spyware that goes by the name of Teensafe and works without jailbreaking and provides you with an easy way to keep an eye on multiple activities.

What You Can Do With Teensafe

Teensafe is a spyware that allows to track an iPhone without Jailbreaking it by providing you with easy access to any activity you can think of. You have your own personal dashboard with all the information you want to see. It does not alter the target phone’s warranty at all, and does not change the phone in any way either. With this spyware, you can monitor:

  • Text messages as well as iMessages.
  • Whatsapp and Kik Messenger conversations.
  • All call logs.
  • Location via GPS.
  • Complete history of internet use.
  • Instagram and Facebook information including Posts, New Feeds, Messages etc.

Teensafe does not give you access to pictures and videos, although it does tell you if media was transferred between phones. It merges the concepts of safety with privacy in this regard and does not show you the actual media sent or received.


Teensafe is the answer to all those parents who want to spy on and track their children’s iPhones without having to jailbreak them. These are the important factors of the spyware that make it different from the others. Jailbreaking an iPhone is a risky and tedious process and voids the phone’s warranty as well. That is why it is important for parents to know of spywares like these that don’t require a jailbreak to be performed and still give them remote access to all of their children’s activities.

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