Are you thinking of getting the Spybubble spy software app? Here are a few helpful reviews which include good advice and the advantages and disadvantages of this software which will aid potential buyers of this product to make an informed decision.

Hopefully you have viewed the other reviews on Mobile Spy, Flexispy and Mobistealth. Here is an alternate among the reviews of the Spybubble software. If you are thinking how it is an alternate here is your explanation. My belief is that it is better to buy and use a product in order to write a good and useful review of it.

My plan was to purchase this product and try it but I found myself questioning it a lot. Anyway, this review is helpful as it highlights the mistakes of mobile spying software in the market. There is a short review and a long one. You can read whichever interests you.

Short Review in the Spybubble Software

Avoid buying the Spybubble software. It is no good and is marketed by a company that will cheat you out of your money. These words maybe harsh but as you read further you will understand my reasons for stating so.

The Real Review of the Spybubble Software

This review was hard to miss since many sites advertise it a lot. When I saw it I immediately had many concerns. If I see any new software for spying I become very careful instantly. It is unfortunate that this field of marketing has been a target of some very shady companies. It is a fast growing market that can be lucrative since more number of people now know about the advantages of using mobile spying software.

Plus, downloading any software with immediate sale makes it more desirable to frauds and scam artists. As the mobile monitoring market is on the rise it is important to be extra careful and vigilant while purchasing any such spy software. It is important to be diligent.

What is The Problem with Spybubble Software?

As I mentioned before, I had my suspicions about this product but when I researched further I learned a lesson about the dark truths of the mobile monitoring business. The main issue I had was with the advertising involved in these products.

Many websites began to suddenly advertise and proclaim this product to be the best mobile spying software available. This is not as strange as the fact that the sites advertising it were set up hurriedly and appeared spam-like with phrases like “find the truth”, “spy on your spouse”, “catch your kids” etc. which are unethical and wrong marketing strategies. Once more, many such software marketers are guilty of doing this.

You don’t need a lot of experience in the internet market to find out the sites that are trying to scam you. Such sites will be named along with the name of the product with same EMDs or domain matches like “” or “” and these pages will be filled with visuals and banners that promote the spyware.

There will generally be just some pages and all of them will be about that one product and they will be poorly designed. I have spent enough time online to spot such websites a mile away but there are other people who may not be able to spot them that obviously.

Such websites don’t offer any actual value to those who visit them. They merely exist to guide people to that particular company’s site hoping that people will buy the product and the makers of the site will get a good commission. In spite of all this I was ready to try the product because the company is not to blame for what wrongful activities happen in such sites. This was till I took a careful and close look at the chief website of the product.

The Actual Website

To those who don’t know much about websites this site appears very modern, nice and sophisticated with great graphics. But the thing that mainly irritated me was the unethical and tacky marketing strategy used throughout the site. Another thing that bothered me was the ridiculously cheap rate of the product. The software is available at 49$ for an entire year’s use which is basically half of the rate put forth by their chief competitors.

If a product is too cheap it is a matter of concern and must be questioned. If this was your product and you knew it was worthy of competition, would you be selling it at half the rate that your competitors charge? The next issue is very big! If you observe the website closely you won’t find any phone numbers on there. Do you think that a legitimate business would not give their contact information in their web page?

Imagine you buy the product with 50$ and some problem occurs, there is no number that you can call to ask queries or help. When I looked for a number and clicked on the ‘contact’ page it just showed a basic form and email id and that is disappointing. But there was a button for ‘live chat’ displayed on the page.

With my bad luck, even though I visited this site many times the live chat option is permanently off! Maybe I was simply unlucky, after all ‘live chat’ is an old trick used by sites to look authentic and it satisfies a lot of people who are under the impression that they will get ‘live chat’ customer support.

And speaking of support, when you press the support button it takes you back to the contact page where the options are browsing knowledge and raising support tickets. The newest post here was in the year 2010 but some really bad videos were put up sometime in the month of June in 2011. So obviously it’s not updated frequently.

Out of curiosity, I did raise one support ticket and ask a query. I was surprised to get a reply but it definitely was a standard response that made no sense. It didn’t look good up to then.

There is a ‘demo’ button on the site so I clicked it but nothing happened at all. When I checked the ‘About Us’ page, there was just a poorly formatted advertisement with no information of the Spybubble product or the company’s background. There was no basic information at all that you require before you buy a product.

The Problem Gets Much Worse!

If you check the bottom area of the homepage it mentions that “We are being talked about”. This is just a widely used tactic to promote a product, one which a lot of sites employ in order to appear legitimate about their services or products. I’m sure you would have noticed phrases like “as seen on TV” in such sites before.

I could hardly resist looking at their links; they had spam-like PR pages where press releases can be posted by anyone.

One link referred to an article that was posted in a good website like PR Web. It was posted by webmaster named Ruca Martin who it seems had written a review called “No Holds Barred” on Spybubble in a site named C2C reviews. I checked C2C reviews and found that it only has spam articles and reviews on Spybubble in various languages. If you look closely at the website you will find junk of all kinds like weight loss tablets to marketing reviews on MLM. It is a very poorly designed site. Another link on the homepage is a total disaster. There is an article that was posted in a style website named Webmire in a press release. These links go to a website known as which is a bad, spam-like portal website that has links affiliated to Spybubble Software.

I discovered another scam of such websites here. Look carefully at some of the reviews; you will notice there are thousands of comments for each of them. You may think they are hugely popular but if you read any of these comments you will understand that those comments were produced by some software and make no sense. This is once again a cheap and poor trick of marketing.

The best part is that gives clients the opportunity to sign up to get a “Spying phone report free” which seems to give the buyer a lot of value. I was curious enough to sign up for this report with my email id that is disposable.

I immediately got sent to the website of Spybubble through a link that is affiliated with it and I received the free report. I couldn’t believe it; it was certainly worth taking a look but make sure you have an email id that is disposable. I suppose I can expect to get many type of offers very soon.

The report contained total rubbish for 16 pages all connected to obviously. I don’t understand how they thought it would aid them in selling their product. The report also had some free bonus offers on the purchase on the Spybubble software. These bonuses are things like, Getting Your Guy, 100 Bodybuilding Tips, Make Her Toes Curl and Courage Conqueror. All these priceless bonuses free if buy Spybubble. It is utterly ridiculous.

What Others Say About Spybubble Software

After I decided that I wouldn’t waste my cash on Spybubble or even try it, I kept looking around to find out the opinion of other people on this product. It is a tricky job as you must filter through proper sites that are affiliated with the product and claim its greatness.

It is hard to find unbiased reviews and real opinions on the internet. Through the Spyzrus website my goal is to earn people’s trust and convince them that I speak my opinions with complete honesty and I’m not aiming at making them purchase anything by visiting my links. So I won’t recommend anything simply, it’s not my concern which product people buy. My job is to give the right information so that people can make the right decision.

However, when you check a product on the internet be reasonable; people may dismiss something for any reason, you never know. Just because there are some bad reviews on a product doesn’t make it a bad product. But saying this, the evidence is too much for Spybubble and a lot of people have complained about it.

Complaints Against Spybubble

The main complaint about Spybubble is that it does not provide any customer support services. This is not a surprise if you have visited their website.

There is no money-back guarantee, even though they have a 60-day money-back guarantee. Most people are not able to get their refunds. Those who use PayPal to pay seem to be successful when they complain to PayPal. This is another cheap trick used buy internet companies with their scam products hoping that people will not ask for a refund when it is a matter of less money.

Most people find that the software does not work the way the company claims it will. Since mobile monitoring software is very technical in nature a good service provider will make sure that the software runs smoothly and gets updated often. They will ensure customer satisfaction. But looking at Spybubble can you confidently say that you expect these services?

I’m sure there will be people who will argue that these problems with Spybubble were only occurring in the past and they ultimately succeeded. Spybubble does not answer any questions properly and their marketing is cheap, unsupportive and full of spam.

Spybubble: A Scam or Not?

Taking the definition of scam from, it states that scam is “a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit, swindle”. Going by this definition Spybubble can certainly be called a scam even though they provide a product that works quite well.

Whatever you have seen here, does it suggest to you that the product is just for making quick money? My intention was not to give Spybubble such a bad review but when I researched it in detail I found shocking evidence. I have given a detailed description of all the things that people should be aware of while purchasing mobile monitoring and spying applications.

Most of it is true about a lot of products sold online. It is important to do sufficient research on products to find any possible issues before you buy it. Most of the time the company’s website can give you most of the answers you need just as with Spybubble.

Affiliate Disclosure by Author

Personally I’m not and have never been Spybubble’s affiliate ever. When you go to a site that recommends this product it is best if you just close it as they surely don’t know what they are advertising and you can’t trust them.

You can find many decent alternatives to Spybubble in the market so why take chances just to save a few bucks. Check out some proper reviews on mobile spying software to avoid wasting time and money. Also, check out “Remote Install Cell Phone Spy Software” since I have brought up the matter and look at how you can find the right product.

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