PhoneSheriff is a superb and highly powerful phone tracking app that will allow you to monitor and record memos, texts, contact names, photos, iMessages, web history and calls in smartphones.

It is a parental control app that can do almost anything when it comes to a mobile you wish to monitor. Before you decide to choose this amazing app, do you have any idea what it is for? For people who have no clue about it, this software is specially meant for parents who have teenagers. It isn’t just teenagers who have smartphones these days; even 8-year-old kids use them. So, they are exposed to all kinds of inappropriate content on the internet.

When you are a parent your priority is the safety of your kids and if you want to raise them responsibly you have to keep an eye on them even when you are not physically with them. You can be grateful that PhoneSheriff is the perfect software for this. That’s what it would mean if you install this app on your child’s mobile.

Description of PhoneSheriff

The first thing to be noted is that this app works quite well on iPhones, Symbian mobiles and Android devices. It is not restricted to the above three devices as it also works in other smartphones. This app will reveal the details of address book, texts, photos, videos and other things. It also shows the URLs visited and internet history of your kids from the remote position of the mobile. It has a remote blocking option with which you will be able to block all websites that you don’t want you children to see.

You can have your very own password alerts personalized with PhoneSheriff and filters that will allow you to go through big loads of information in a short time span. And with the GPS tracking system you can find out the precise position of a mobile by just clicking a button. This mobile tracking app is one of the best that is preferred by parents as it records everything that happens in a smartphone and it is compatible with most of the smartphones that are available.

This intelligent app will do everything for you once you install it. You will get a blow by blow account of incoming and outgoing calls in an easy and simple format. You will be able to find out who your kid is talking to, for how long they were talking and at what time the conversation happened. Plus, any electronically stored notes or memos in the mobile will be shown. When you kid gets any Twitter or Facebook updates, they can be viewed in real-time.

Your account online will act as your panel for control; you can control all activities of the targeted mobile with it. If your kid tries to delete any photos or videos from his/her mobile you will be able to capture them. Therefore, PhoneSheriff can do about a thousand things to deal with your teenagers easily.

PhoneSheriff’s Features

  • Email history logging, text, call and chat
  • Text and call blocking
  • Tracking of GPS location
  • Anti-theft feature
  • Alerts for panic
  • Websites visited
  • Restriction and blocking of application
  • Blocking and monitoring of content
  • Restriction of mobile usage
  • Instant notifications and alerts
  • Viewing calendar and contacts
  • Remote restoring and data backup
  • Remote monitoring using admin panel online

Benefits of using PhoneSheriff

PhoneSheriff is definitely one of the best phone monitoring software available in the market. In this age of bad web content in smartphones all parents wish to be able to monitor and watch their kids’ activities and who they talk to. It may appear wrong but you have to make a simple choice: either you accept your responsibilities as a parent and do something about it or you suffer mentally. PhoneSheriff’s benefits and uses ring clear and loud, you should not let this opportunity slip by.

Phone Sheriff Interface

phonesheriff interface

PhoneSheriff Pricing

  1. $49.99 per 6 months for Parents
  2. $89.99 per year for Parents
  3. $299.00 per year for Business (5 licenses)

Important Notes About PhoneSheriff

  • You must accept the terms of use and legal agreement on the order page.
  • Automatic Subscription is optional during checkout.
  • If your term ends without renewal, your account and software will become inoperable.
  • For GPS Locations, device must be a GPS-enabled phone with a good signal.
  • Full online support is included with knowledge base, documentation and live support.

In Conclusion

It is completely up to you what you choose, when you realize that this app provides all the solutions to your teenager’s troubles you will not regret it. The services of PhoneSheriff are always available to you if you want to find out what your kids do when you are not around.

Ease of Use3.1
Reliability & Support3.8
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