Through this review I will provide all the detailed information that you should know about Mobistealth. I have included review videos from different users. If you need all the necessary information about this product, this is the site you should visit. If you have used this app in the past, please do post your experienced comments at the end of this web page. Thank you very much!

(I would advise against using this app for privacy invasion as this is an illegal act. It is best to take consultation from a lawyer regarding how you can use it.)

This software is a remote monitoring app that is comprehensive for phones and android devices (tablets, smartphones and also laptops and desktops).

This app gives a complete range of tracking features that you won’t find in any old GPS microchips or outdated monitoring apps. This product has appeared in famous media sites online like Yahoo, Wired, PC World, Newsweek and SF Gate.

How Mobistealth Functions

Firstly, you must have access to the computer, mobile or android device that you wish to track physically. You must also create an account online and set up the chief monitoring app on the targeted device.

The tracking features that will activate on your mobile will differ according to which plan or package you have opted for (Pro, Pro X or Lite). This app will discreetly work in the phone and quietly record the various activities such as SMS, contacts, browser history, photos, GPS coordinates, calls and SIM changes once it is installed. Whatever data the app records will be received by you in your account online and you may check it anywhere and anytime you like. You don’t require any other major software.

Why should you use Mobistealth?

The following points explain why this app is an excellent option for mobile monitoring requirements:

1. Highly Competitive Rates

You can get all the basic and simple features already with just 0.50$ per day. This app provides 3 plans: Pro X (199.99$ per year), Lite (99.9$ per year) and Pro (149.99$ per year).

The Lite package is sufficient for most users’ monitoring requirements; it records the mobile’s SMS messages, contacts, GPS coordinates, browsing history, call history and emails. The Pro X package is the best in terms of functionality. It has the capacity to pick up the mobile’s immediate surroundings and take pictures and record videos and calls. It has added features that set it apart from the other competitors. These features are: Remote Phone Wipe- it permits you to delete information that is sensitive in nature remotely so that it cannot be stolen or misused. Reverse Phone Lookup- it permits you to obtain details of different callers by simply pressing that person’s number. Sim Change Alert- this feature is an original and it sends out notifications to a number that is predetermined in case a mobile has a change of SIM cards when the app is monitoring it.

2. Top Quality Support For Customers

This app reaches its customers via their main accounts in different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google. You can have a live chat with Mobistealth’s experts at their web site if you find yourself having any problems with the app.  They will give fast responses to any queries you may have. They also provide a ticket support system through email if you require extra support in-depth.

3. Good Compatibility Range

This software can support most cellphone devices like androids, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian, Samsung smartphones and iPhone. A point to be noted is that iPhone must be jailbroken before this app can be properly installed in it.

Mobistealth has a version for desktops that works well for Windows PCs and MAC computers.

The Pros and Cons of Mobistealth


  • This app does not require any specific equipment to get installed. You just need internet service and a good browser.
  • Mobistealth gives deep and comprehensive features of surveillance. The function of call recording is very much in demand when people look for a monitoring app. But this feature is not too dependable owing to carrier and connectivity issues. The company is aware of this problem and they give a guarantee on refund if the feature doesn’t work in the mobile device that you are monitoring.
  • Logged data can be checked anywhere and at any time by using your account online.
  • The customer and tech support is of the highest quality in Mobistealth. They have Google+, Twitter and Facebook and also a ticket support system and live chat which will handle whatever questions or issues you may have while using the app.
  • The price of this product depends on how much functionality you require. It is the most cost-effective and cheapest app you can find in the market when compared to its competitors. The Lite package has a wide range of monitoring solutions that people generally require. It is a great deal at merely 99.99$ in a year.
  • Once you buy the app you will get the necessary updates that it needs absolutely free.
  • Are you worried that this app may not run in your target mobile device? Don’t worry; you will be provided with a money-back guarantee which will last you 3 days after you have bought it. You will get a guarantee of 10 days if there are any technical issues.
  • This app will enable you to record the surroundings of a phone device. This feature is not often there in other such remote monitoring apps.


  • This product does not have a period for trial. You cannot test the app before you buy it to check if it will work on the mobile device you wish to monitor.
  • Another drawback is that an iPhone must be jailbroken if you want to install this app in it since many people use iOS devices and iPhones.
  • The version Pro X which has added features and call recording is available for android smartphones only.

In Conclusion

Do you wish to protect your kids from predators or bullies? Do you want to track you employees’ activities and time management at the workplace? Then Mobistealth is the best option for you to get this job done. It will give you a huge range of tracking features that you won’t generally find in other monitoring apps for consumers and it is the cheapest and most cost-effective product you will currently find in the market.

Ease of Use2.2
Reliability & Support5.9
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