If you wish to spend very little money on your mobile monitoring app there are companies that give apps with a single payment plan but most of these apps perform badly and turn out to be scams. When we put up reviews we make sure that they have a track record of minimum trustworthiness and they have been used and tested by us.

The Highster Mobile is the perfect match for this provided you don’t mind sacrificing performance a little bit as well as support and reliability overall. Their service is not too bad but you won’t receive tracking, control options and live monitoring similar to that which comes in a monthly subscribed service.

Also to be noted is that you will not get proper compatibility and excellent tech support with all mobiles. A lot of people have made complaints that they cannot use certain features and the app does not work in certain hardware. This happens often since the device or mobile needs to get rooted. It will be a while before the release of new updates for latest operation systems or devices. But if all you need is an inexpensive solution you should continue reading.

Features of Highster Mobile

  • Quick installation of call recording that records every call
  • Viewing all received and sent SMS
  • Mic can be remotely turned on to listen to surroundings live
  • Camera can be remotely activated for taking snaps
  • Live tracking and monitoring of GPS location
  • Checking calls made and received on mobile
  • Access to multimedia like videos and pictures stored in the phone
  • Viewing web browser history
  • Complete access to received and sent emails
  • IM logs of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Skype
  • Remotely uninstalling Highster from mobile
  • Email and SIM change notifications and alerts


  • It is available only for iOS and Androids
  • The remote call recording feature works in Android only
  • Limited features for iOS Apple devices
  • Android features that need a phone to be rooted are: WhatsApp, instagram, email logs, Viber and Skype
  • Features reported to be working partially. For example: certain calls and texts are recorded but not fully
  • Features reported to not work properly based on version of OS or the hardware
  • There are no parental controls, app, calls and site blocking or filtering remotely

Compatibility with Phones

As stated earlier, some people find that features that are advanced such as chat lots or call recording don’t run on their mobiles. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the compatibility is not good. This app has an extensive list of mobile devices in their site and they offer advice on what features need rooted android devices. Any iPhone device will need jailbreaking for most of the services.

  • Androids should have 2.3 version minimum
  • iOSx for Apple

Customer Support

Highster’s webpage gives a complete knowledge and troubleshooter section. Customer support can be got by submitting tickets or phoning Highster’s toll free number on Mondays to Fridays between 9 am to 5 pm (EST). If you face any problems the support team will eagerly help you and try their utmost to prevent any cancellations. But with services that are subscribed you cannot expect the similar level in support services. Their bug repairs and updates don’t happen too often and their previous report updated was in 2013, October.

Value of Highster

Now that we have covered the disadvantages of choosing Highster which is a free tracking app for one time and also testing it, we are not totally disappointed. Some users can’t afford the excess costs but still wish to get visibility on some level of what their children are up to online and on their mobiles. This app provides a lot of the essential features at a cheap rate which brings great deal of value for what they invest in as long as it works to fulfill their requirements. This company imposes a refund policy of 10 days along with an expectations list that is long before you decide to buy it.

Ease of Use2.7
Reliability & Support5.1
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