I wished to do a review on Flexispy as a part of my reviews of mobile spying apps. Be patient, this review isn’t just a redo of Flexispy’s website that lists out all its features and how it’s the best software being recommended by a person who has no experience using it.

This here is a proper review. I purchased and utilized this app; as a matter of fact I have experience using every spy app product that I review in this website- Flexispy, Mobistealth and Mobile Spy. There are many others that I have given a try but on the basis of dependability I would recommend these three. Please read my two other reviews before you make a decision to buy a product. Read the comparative review as well. It will aid you in choosing the best app for your requirements.

Is Flexispy the Premier Spy App?

It is a catchy title but is it true? This software has been believed to be on the top of the list of mobile spying apps for a long time and since there have been new updates and changes to it, looks like it will maintain its position on top.

The market of monitoring apps is changing all the time as new apps with better updates than the existing app companies keep coming in. But Flexispy has been ahead always with regard to its dependability and features. Recently, we saw that StealthGenie which is one of the largest competitors of Flexispy got suspended because of a legal matter in America.

Reacting to this, mSpy stopped making available their two premier spying features which are recording surroundings and call recording. It seems, Mobile Spy on the other hand is making their app visible in targeted mobiles to make sure they follow the legal policies in America. This incident has shaken up the mobile spy app market and Flexispy appears to be determined to acquire more share in the market.

An essential point to understand is that the company, infrastructure and servers that are behind Flexispy do not have their base in America. This fact ensures that Flexispy gets a high level of security from American laws and it also explains the reason for which other companies are attempting to modify the way they sell their monitoring apps.

Even though this allows Flexispy to market their product as they like it, it is up to YOU, the user, to make sure you operate according to the legal outlines of your nation. My advice is that you use these apps only as much as the law permits it.

Flexispy’s New Look

Flexispy’s webpage has a completely new look this year and is upgraded; they have also upgraded their spying Control Center and even introduced new prices and features along with new products. You can access spying information logs in their Control Center and also interact with targeted mobile devices. The latest version is more user friendly than any other I have known before; it is modern, clean and works very well!

Compatibility with mobiles

Similar to other apps, this app also strives to give updates that will suit the current operating systems. This section is updated by me on a regular basis. Currently, you will be able to use this app to spy on mobiles and other devices that have the versions listed below:

  • iPhone and iPad up till 1.2 version
  • Nokia Symbian only having limited features
  • Androids with versions from 2.3 to 4.4.2
  • Blackberry up till 7.1 version

Features of Monitoring

Most of the big monitoring apps seem to overlap a lot in the features that they have, they just change the packaging and put on different prices for the products. But with all the changes that have happened recently, Flexispy is the company that offers the best and most advanced features. They are incomparable.

The general features are all there: email, photos, text, call logs, visited websites, GPRS tracking, videos, bookmarks and contacts. These are standard in any of these apps.

Flexispy offers 2 major packages: Flexispy Premium and Flexispy Extreme. Extreme package has call recording, live call listening, remote spy camera and surrounding recording features. All the other main features are found in the Premium package. The way things are now, if you wish to record or listen to real voice calls, your only choice is Flexispy. Listed below are some of its major features:

Flexispy and Call Interception

This feature in the Extreme package allows you to listen to live calls with this app. If this is your requirement, Flexispy is your single option, period. This is the reason for their Extreme version being so costly.  It is essential that you know how the version works and you should be aware of the fact that the app isn’t compatible with every carrier or mobile. Flexispy provides a refund policy of 10 days so if the feature for listening does not run you will be able to get a refund and also get your subscription downgraded.

How does it work?

When a call is happening, you will be able to nominate particular targeted mobile numbers and get alerts through emails or texts. You will be able to make discreet calls to the mobile that is being monitored from your mobile and hear the call taking place live.

This feature operates by adding the user to a conference call silently. The target mobile phone must have three-way call compatibility. Some phones have this and some don’t.  It is a very strong feature, but it isn’t that necessary for most users. It is useful generally for users who are in business but I think it is an extreme option if you are tracking your children.

Recording Calls

This is a more effective feature I believe. It runs in most carriers and mobiles if they have a good connection. When I used it I didn’t face any trouble. The control center saves the calls that are recorded and you can download them on your computer. Settings can be changed and you can even choose which numbers or calls you want to record. The targeted mobile or device can be triggered to record its surroundings just like a bugging app.

Tracking Social sites and Chat Messengers

This app has progressed well and it provides a list of comprehensive apps and sites that can be monitored. The available ones are mentioned below:

Line, Facebook, WeChat, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Blackberry Messenger, Whatsapp, iMessage, Yahoo Messenger and Pin, Viber and Skype. It must be noted that for IM tracking, android mobiles have to be rooted.

Password Cracking in Flexispy

It can be purchased separately but it comes with Flexispy Extreme free. Once the app is installed it will run as a keylogger.  The passwords as well as pin numbers that are entered in the mobile, messenger sites and social sites, email and websites will be reported by the password cracker.  It certainly is an amazing tool!

Advance Tracking of Location

The position of a mobile and its historical information can be got in real-time and it will be shown on maps over duration of time. Geolocation borders can be set with the system alerts and you will be sent once the mobile leaves or enters a specified place. It is very good if you need to monitor your kids.

You can even set mobile numbers or keywords with the alerts system and it will send you notifications when they are detected in emails/ SMS messages.

About the Control Center

Re-development of this interface has been done this year and it’s fantastic. It is easy to install and use since everything is set up well. You will have good control with this app.

  • Setting of notifications and alerts
  • Notification of SIM change
  • Viewing programs that are installed
  • Uninstalling the app remotely
  • Updating the app when you cannot access the device anymore
  • Renewing the subscription

The above and few more things may be controlled with the help of the control center online even though you cannot access the targeted device anymore. It is the main center of the app where reports and logs can be checked using your mobile device or computer.

What about Stealth?

This app has some tools that will aid in keeping things hidden well. For example the Cydia app for iPhones that is jailbroken and the Super Icon which is used in rooted androids. The app is invisible on the mobile device; it won’t appear in the task manager or applications list. It gets installed under a non-descript changing name- there are no icons of Flexispy!

Even better is that this app does not get flagged by big virus app software and it is hidden from task killer apps. You cannot find a more secure app in the present.

Support Services

Flexispy has done well when it comes to customer support and services. You may have seen on many sites that when people post complaints it is mostly about responses that are not provided to them. You will definitely find reasonable complaints regarding customer support.

They also provide refunds if you are unsatisfied in a matter of 10 days, no questions will be asked.

Their current site has had many new changes and is very good and runs well. The most important thing is it is easily navigable and well organized. The resources of data are quite good on their site and they have a section for videos and also customer support through live chat on web and ticket email system for 24 hours.   Their services are available for 24 hours for 6 days in a week except Sundays.

Installation aid- a lot of users struggle with this but now there is an installation wizard that will guide users through the process of installation. Flexispy is definitely the best and easiest app for installation especially if you are a first time user. This company has figured out the main issues of spy app industry and is taking a stand to address it with excellent support. Do you think the premium rate is worth it for you?

Prices of Flexispy

This part of the review is regularly updated. As I have mentioned before, their rates are quite simple. Licenses of short terms are not offered by them, everything is a yearly subscription. Don’t forget that they provide a refund policy of 10 days.

  • Flexispy Premium at 149$
  • Flexispy Extreme at 349$

These 2 packages are one year contracts without any further VAT or sales tax in addition to your bill. Payment can be done using MasterCard, PayPal wire transfer or Visa. If you pay with PayPal you will get a discount of 10% without a refund policy.

Is there value for your money?

After the recent failure of Stealth Genie (for the time being) and the changes in the services of Mobile Spy and spy, Flexispy Extreme is truly unique. None of the other companies provide such tracking features. It is expensive at 349$ but if you want features that are advanced and will really work, this app is the best option.

Good value for money can be got with the Premium version and it competes efficiently with its competition in terms of features and prices. Don’t forget that the comparison is with top rated products from other such companies.

In Conclusion

Lot of changes has happened in the mobile monitoring market. Currently the only legit company that offers features that are advanced is Flexispy. The features are: call recording, remote camera, live call intercept and surrounding recording.  If you require such options this app is definitely the way to go. If you want to spy on a mobile for a short amount of time with basic features of reporting then Flexispy is not your best choice. You might want to try Mobile Spy or spy. The features they have are in completion with less expensive versions and they give short period contracts. You should consider it.

Flexispy stands out in their simplicity of installation, use, support and design. They have been on the top for a long time in terms of support. The information they provide is excellent and when you require help someone will help you very fast. You just have to decide now, consider what your monitoring requirements are and what your budget is.

Thank you for viewing this article!

Ease of Use5.1
Reliability & Support7.2
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