Hack Someone’s Instagram Account on Android Effortlessly

Nowadays, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. It is widely used by millions of people all over the world. You can share posts, make video calls, and exchange messages via this platform. Hence, there is no wonder why you may be interested in hacking someone’s Instagram on Android phones. Due to the digital revolution and the subsequent rise in online interaction, there is a need to watch loved ones for different reasons. You may be a concerned parent, suspicious spouse, or worried employee – and you have all your rights to reveal all your doubts. 

Hence, though it sounds impossible, an Instagram hack on Android is possible, and you don’t have to shed a sweat over it. This guide will reveal various ways how to hack an Instagram account on Android.



Reasons to Hack an Instagram Account on Android

There are plenty of reasons to hack into someone’s Instagram account. The online world is hazardous, and thus, there is a need for a third eye.

  1. Employee monitoring

In some instances, employers need to know who their employees are communicating with on Instagram, among other social media apps. It helps to avoid employees from wasting time or dishing out company secrets.

  1. Parental Control

Parents have a moral responsibility for their children. At any given time, the parents ought to know who their children are engaging with on social media platforms, like Instagram. Therefore, they stay safe from online scammers, sexual aggressors, and, most importantly, know when they start sexting.

  1. Spouse monitoring

Due to the rise in infidelity, couples find it essential to spy on their partners, especially when they doubt their faithfulness. While it’s illegal to spy on other people’s private conversations, curiosity in relationships often leads couples to the extremes.

There are many ways to hack Instagram accounts, but most of them are tricky – only a few are efficient and effective. For Instagram hack android, you don’t require a password. In this guide, I’ll show you how to hack someone’s Instagram account on android.



Four Ways of Android Instagram Password Hacking

  1. Instagram Forgot Password Feature

While it’s one of the dumbest ways, Instagram password hack on Android is the simplest method to conduct successful hack on Android gadgets. To use this technique, you must have full access to the device. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Instagram app on your phone and go to the login page.
  2. Enter the username or email address of the victim. Since you don’t know the password, select the “Forgot Password option.” The app gives an option to recover the password via phone, username, or email address. Like noted above, you need to have access to the device. Select the “Send an SMS option.”
  3. A code is sent to the target’s phone, and you use it to reset the password.

This method has two limitations because it works for one time, and you need full access to the target phone. Alternatively, you can access the Instagram account directly on the target phone and get the information you need.

  1. Instagram Password Hacking Apps

Numerous apps claim to have the capacity to hack an Instagram account. Due to the security measures of Instagram, most of these apps do not work. If someone falls victim to any one of them, they will be putting themselves at risk of data theft by hackers. Most of those Instagram hacking apps have one main objective – collect people’s data. 

In realizing this painful truth about fake Instagram password hacking apps for Android, someone can still explore other safer options.

  1. Guessing a Password

Also known as social engineering, it’s useful but takes a lot of effort. You have to make minimal guesses and trust that you get the right one as soon as possible. Many unsuccessful attempts block any further attempt to log in. The app’s security team will also notify the user of such developments.

Here are the most common things people use a password:

  • Full names of their loved ones.
  • Identification numbers.
  • Registration numbers such as college admission numbers.
  • Favorite things such as pets, teams, artists, sports, models.
  • Important dates such as date of birth.

This information is crucial because many people use a password combination of the tips above. If you are close enough to the target person, it’s easy to make the right guess.

  1. How to Hack Someone’s Instagram Account on Android With a Spy App

If you wish to hack someone’s Instagram, you can use such advanced software as spy apps. Instagram hack app for Android is the safest way to spy other people’s Instagram accounts for various reasons. First, it leaves no traces behind, and secondly, this technique raises no suspicion. It’s worth noting that this method monitors the victim’s Instagram account remotely. 


What Are Spy Apps?

Spy apps are software that lets you track someone’s Android device remotely. All you have to do is install a spy app for Instagram on the target phone to enable it to work. Once you have done that, the app hides and works in a hidden mode. In such a way, you’ll monitor someone’s Instagram account without the risk of getting caught.


Root Android Phone Before Installing an Instagram Spy App

For a successful Instagram hack, Android root access is essential. It’s a requirement when installing a spy app. What’s rooting then? Rooting is a process that gives a user the root access of an Android device. With root access, one can modify or play around with certain things in the operating system.

How Do You Root an Android Phone?

  1. Connect your phone via USB cable to the computer and ensure that no other apps are running.
  2. Open the SuperOneClick file.
  3. Click on Root and wait a couple of minutes since the program runs. 
  4. Once finished, your Android phone is rooted.
  5. Restart your phone. Once you have done so, you should see an app called SuperUser on your phone. 
  6. Change the phone and let the mSpy app work.

Why then do you need to root the Android phone? Rooting grants the spy app full permissions; otherwise, you would be able to use only a limited set of features an app provides.


Instagram Spy App Installation Guide

Since many spy apps let you monitor Instagram, let’s dive into an installation procedure of mSpy, which is one of the most popular ones.

  1. Visit the official mSpy website.
  2. Click the “Try now” button and enter a valid email address.
  3. Select the device to monitor.
  4. Choose a plan (Basic or Premium). For the Premium option, one can buy a 1-month option, 3 months option, or 12 months option.
  5. Enter the payment information and submit the order.
  6. The website sends further instructions via email.
  7. Log in to the dashboard and download the app.
  8. Install the app on the target device and register with your number.

The whole process takes less than 10 minutes, and an active Internet connection is a must. One must have physical access to the device to root it and install the app.


What Can You Find in Your Control Panel?

Once everything is ready, feel free to start monitoring your target’s Android phone. Here is a list of features that mSpy has to offer:

  • View all text messages (incoming, outgoing, and deleted). mSpy allows one to view all forms of messages on the target Android device. 
  • View the device’s GPS location. This feature helps you to track the location of your children, employees, or spouse at any given time.
  • Internet monitoring. View the browsing history, and as a parent, you can block specific sites.
  • Access social media apps, like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.
  • Keylogger. It allows you to record all the keystrokes on the target Android phone. This feature allows you to view what the victim is typing on their phone. In case you are looking for their passwords, you will get it this way.
  • View the call history. You get to view all the calls, though you cannot listen to the phone calls’ contents.
  • Media files. mSpy gives one access to all media files stored on the Android device.

Hacking someone’s Instagram account on an Android device is not rocket science if you are using advanced software, like spy apps. All you need to do is choose the best technique to get credible results. Using a spy app such as mSpy is your choice if you wish to spy on someone else’s Instagram account.

Parents shouldn’t be bothered anymore about monitoring their child’s social media activity, especially on Instagram. Employees can also track their employees effortlessly using the technique we’ve highlighted. On the other hand, couples can safeguard their marriage by monitoring each other’s Instagram activity with ease.

To sum up, it’s always advisable to choose the safe method on both ends. Hence, if you wish to cut a great deal – mSpy is your best bet.