How to track your spouse’s mobile phone incognito

So many people spend a lot of their time working every day or focusing on their career and trying to climb up the latter in the cruel corporate world that they unwillingly start to neglect their partner or are just unable to provide all the attention they need.

Long working hours and often business trips are making the everyday communication much harder so you might feel that your partner is becoming colder towards you and reluctant to show his or her feelings. These thoughts instantly start a suspicion that your partner might have lost interest in you or that his cheating on you.

Signs you should pay attention to

 track your spouse’s mobile phone incognitoLittle things like increase in phone bills or noticing that your partner is texting more than often might make you think that he’s really hiding something and you might even consider hiring a private detective in order to make sure.

Not everybody is comfortable with hiring a private because it’s hard to find someone reliable and someone you can trust enough to talk about your fears and personal problems, which can be very frustrating. Luckily, with the development of new software monitoring apps you can find out everything that happens in your partners life without anybody ever knowing about it.

If you feel reserved about these kind of apps think about how helpful it could be for your relationship. You don’t have to use the software all the time, only monitor your partner’s phone to clear your fears and suspicions when they arise in order to maintain trust and respect in your relationship.

Even if your partner is not cheating on you these apps can help remove any doubt you might have about his behavior. With mobile phone monitoring software and the information you get from your partner’s phone you will find out about all the things that were ever kept secret from you. Deleting call logs and messages or giving strange names to persons in contact list will never again stop you from knowing with who your partner is in contact with.

Advanced monitoring features

Great thing about a good spy software like mSpy app is that it lets you to monitor the target phone in real time. It records everything that happens on the phone so even if your partner deletes some messages or call logs they will be saved on a web server you can always access.

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mSpy app is easy to install, all you need is your partner’s phone for a few minutes and you’re good to go. Software starts recording data the moment the phone is turned on. If you want to avoid uncomfortable arguments about invading privacy you can use some of many stealth software that become invisible the moment you install them on the phone. This way you’ll get all the information you need and your partner will never be aware he or she is being monitored.

Easy use and access worldwide

After you install the software you will get a unique web account only you can access where all the data will be stored. With these apps you can:

mSpy features

  • see all call logs including the number called, time of call and duration. Some even let you record and listen to all calls. Y
  • ou can also see all received and sent messages even if they are deleted from the phone,
  • locate your partner via GPS with an exact location shown on the map,
  • monitor all internet activity and see the web sites visited from the phone,
  • see all photos and videos stored on the phone and more.


These apps are usually compatible with all popular operating systems including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian. If you feel like there’s a lot you don’t know about your partner then mobile spy app is the perfect way to find out the truth.

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