How to track text messages on Android phone

Android is a popular system developed by Google for the modern mobile devices, and as like any other Google product it achieved towering success in months after its release. So the natural form of the human curiosity took its course and the question, can I track text messages on Android, eventually popped up.

Is it possible to track messages in general?

Browsing the internet revealed that there is a wide array of applications that claim they can track text messages on Android mobile devices. If you do some internet research you will stumble upon an application that is called mSpy, this application is a prime example of this group of applications, and without much effort you will start tracking messages on the desired device.

So how to track text messages on Android?

The fact is that if you want to track an Android device you need to install the corresponding software on it, which in our case is mSpy for Android. After you achieve that, the rest is simply a matter of requesting the information to be forwarded to your device.

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 track text messages on Android phone

The legal aspect of spying on Android devices.

If you wish to track text messages on Android devices, please be aware of the following. It is not illegal to track an Android device that belongs to you or a member of your family, however, if you wish to track a mobile device of another adult, like your colleague, this is illegal. So in order to do so, you need to inform the person whose mobile device you are tracking of the existence of the software on their mobile device, which is in our case an Android phone. Please keep in mind that by doing this you avoid any legal problems when it comes to spying on somebody’s Android device.

2 thoughts on “How to track text messages on Android phone

  1. prince

    i want u to trace this number 0786325729 u can check any pix he is we so me im suspecting.send guys thnk u

    1. admin Post author


      thank you for your message.
      Unfortunately, it is impossible to track somebody`s phone using only it`s number. To get all the information you want, please install the tracking app on his mobile device.

      1) select your mSpy subscription type and proceed with the payment.
      Once the payment is completed you`ll receive the email with th installation link.

      2) Take your bf`s mobile device and log in to your email from it. Follow the installation link. The installation wizard will take you through the whole installation process. Once the installation is completed, your personal account will be created.

      3) Log in to your online account from any mobile device you wish and get all the information you need.

      Best regards!


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