How to track cell phone location with GPS?

Some people wonder: How to track cell phone location with GPS?
The answer is so obvious!

The cell phone tracking system has provided the mobile owners with several advantages such as recovery of lost cell phones, finding the whereabouts of a lost person (if he/she is carrying the mobile with them), etc.

The tracking technology has been around for a while but, was only intensified and refined after the 9/11 attacks on the US. Today many nations require SIM cards to be registered before activation. Also, proof of identity along with a registered address proof has become a mandatory requirement to own a SIM card. But tracking the cell phone using SIM card is quite expensive. So, more people are resorting towards cell phone tracking app which is less expensive and which also delivers better results compared to other tracking systems available today. So what specifications do you need to have your smart phone tracked?

Cell phones should be GPS equipped

track cell phone location with GPSIt’s important that you understand the difference between GPS and network location. GPS is a satellite enabled service, whereas network location works only when the mobile is within the range of the service provider. To get the most effective results it is always better to choose a smart phone that is GPS enabled. This is because, in some situations, a person may be in some place where there is no network coverage resulting in the failure of the signal.

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But, this is not the case with GPS tracking. This is because, GPS is linked directly to the satellites which means, there is always a signal streaming between the cell phone and the communication satellite. Hence, tracking will never fail and you will be able to get the exact location of the subject each time and every time.

Though GPS remains to be a better option, it’s still possible to track a cell phone even with the network locator, since, many people today tend to stick within areas with network coverage.

Network capability to track cell phone location

You don’t always require to be planning an undercover operation to require the cell phone tracking app. It could be as for a simple reason such as, tracking your kids to make sure that they are not visiting those unwanted places. In case you require such service, make sure that the network provider you choose provides the tracking service. You can have an arrangement with the network provider to SMS the coordinates of the location of the cell phone that needs to be tracked in case; it strays out of an agreed radius or distance. This is made possible with the help of the signal Mask that registers the phone location and reports as the as the target keeps moving.

Other tracking options

GPS tends to be more effective but it also comes with a price and you will need to set aside an average of $100 per month for this service. Weigh your options and see if you can use the network trackers as they are cheaper to track cell phone location. The service should also be based on a prepaid monthly subscription so you can simply stop tracking if it’s not required in the future.

Though the need to track cell phone location is important, finding the best tracking app and ensuring that the mobile you want to track supports it, are even more important for better results.

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