There are many professional and personal cases in which you wish to know about someone’s phone location without them knowing. This might be for an employee, marketing agent, spouse, children or anyone for whom you wish to spy on the geolocation. The trend of tracking phone location has brought a revolution for the users because they can get tension free by knowing where exactly the other person is and the lying part has also lessened with this software. So if you what to know how to track phone location in secret keep on reading this article.

What is the basic use of location tracking app?

Rather than moving further into the technicalities let’s now see how the GPS system is helpful.

  • The GPS can be used in corporate offices to monitor your logistics and keep a track on your material sent to other locations. If one of your office colleagues is carrying out any suspicious work out of office you can track where is he moving.
  • It helps parents to keep a check on their kids and lets them know where they are moving out at the back of their knowledge.
  • If in case you are in an unknown place, GPS will help you to navigate to your correct destination.

GPS has certainly brought the most effective solution to the problem of location services with accurate and profound tracking facilities.

Several ways to track someone’s phone with standard phone functions:

1. iPhone (iDevices)

Apple has provided its users a Find My Device feature in its software that use iCloud based services in order to track phone. This feature performs spot check in order to track any misplaced or lost iPhone. A very novel feature of Find My Device is that users can remotely lock or swipe their phones so that they can prevent any potential threat to their data being exposed to any unknown person. To use the Find my Device service you need to get logged into the iCloud account.

In order to perform tracking of your cell phone you need to have your phone synchronized with your iCloud account. However, Find My Device performs an on-demand tracking and not real-time tracking. Thus if the battery of your phones is drained out or data connection is lost, it is quite possible that your tracked data may show you results as old as few days or even months.

2. Android

Android interface has an in-build function called “Find My Device”. Also, there are various applications that are available today on the Play Store that help you track your cell phone. Install the application and give your account while signing into the app. You can now remotely track your device once if it misplaced. Even if your mobile doesn’t have the app you can install it remotely and track your device.

3. Windows Phone

The Windows phone from Microsoft has got a Windows Live account. However, here you need not install the application on your phone. Thus it proves to be a very easy way to track your device. Signing into your Windows account online, you can now track cell phone.

Free Tracking Application Can Be Useless

If you search on the web, you will find hundreds of free application software available for tracking phone location without the information of the other person. These applications don’t charge you anything and on the other hand, don’t guarantee you for giving the exact location. When you are tracking any phone location on androids, then it should be fully correct because discrepancies can create a problem for you. Paid software is always better as it will give you the exact location and you can even contact the customer care services of the company to know about any details.

How to Install a phone tracking app without them knowing?

The app itself is pretty easy to set up and use. You only need access to the phone for a couple of minutes to install the application and configure it – after which it will hide itself in the background in case you’d prefer for user(s) of the phone to not know that the app is present. From then on, you’ll be able to access all the information you need (including GPS location) from anywhere with Internet access and a web browser.

Track someone’s cell phone with mSpy

mSpy is the best cell phone locator application available. Though, it comes with a small fees, but you will be able to get full fledge detail with 100% surety regarding its working. Cell phone locator can let you know that where a particular person is there at a particular period of time.

GPS tracker from mSpy is the exact tool to determine the right location with accurate locator facility. It can help to GPS someone’s cell phone easily without a few mins, but the main thing is to physically download mSpy on the mobile to get the right location. It is indeed a legalized way to know the GPS location and you need to tell your employees that you are professionally using mSpy as a tool to track their GPS location. However, people usually don’t prefer telling their personal mates about spying to track what they are doing behind their back. mSpy gives you all you need from a mobile tracker. You can check it for tracking GPS location of any mobile.

Additionally mSpy allow users to spy on other activities like phone calls, messages, emails and social media activities. Unfortunately not all of the monitoring apps and services have all of these features yet mSpy is an awesome GPS tracking app for cell phone. Amazingly you can use mSpy as an anti-theft app and service too.