How To Secure Smart Phone And Make It Safe From Any Theft Or Other Attacks?Over the decades, world is witnessing such a change in the kind of Smartphone users that is certainly unimaginable. With the rising availability of smartphones almost in all ranges featuring the lower range, the medium range and the higher range, the boom in the technological advancements has covered almost every home of this world.

That is what has actually made our world a small place as with just a finger-touch you can connect to anyone no matter where one is. Even though the smart phone users have risen but with those threats of online hackers have also increased vastly. And thus the Smartphone users have become an easy hunting prey for these vulnerable attackers of the smart phones.

How to Secure Smart Phone and data in it:

Take a look at various ways to keep your Android phone safe from any theft or other attack.

The first and the most important action are locking the home screen of the Smartphone. This will abide access to any form of data of the phone and will also restrict any third party trying to enter into the phone menu without your permission. Almost all smart phones nowadays have an in-built option of locking the home screen. However a number of other locking applications are also available on the Play Store that may benefit you.

Never allow any installation of applications by a third party other than Android. The applications that are present on Android are much secured and will safeguard other data in the phone. Go to the settings function of Android system and simply disable the option for downloading apps from unknown sources.

Using software to block dangerous apps

Today the Androids with the latest version above 3.0 have a built in file encryption system for security. Moreover that offers reliability of the data in the phone and restricts data losses that take place. Keep a check on the system updates along with secured solutions and upgrade the phone till it is compatible.

To provide some extra screening or shielding you have with you the options of downloading a lot of malware apps available on Play Store. Mainly known among them are Norton Antivirus, Avast, Kaspersky and AVG.

Prevent the phone from getting attached to number of Wi-Fi networks. Linking the device to too many unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks makes your stored data prone to strikes from outside and may result in stealing of your confidential data stored in the phone .

Locking apps

A large variety of lock apps are also present on the Play Store that can protect specific applications you need to. This provides a smart way if the phone is lost. Locking home-screen completely will restrict the third person entering into the phone. Screen lock may prove handy if you keep checking your phone day night.

Applications are also offered that provide some extra walls for safety. Those apps allow access to the data only through a password or code. Some other apps are also there that will help you to hide any delicate data.

With the rapid rise of the Smartphone users, people are becoming more and more conscious for the safety of their information stored in the device. With wide variety of security measures readily available people find their phones safe and secure.