Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can happen, and we urgently need to know of someone’s whereabouts. In other cases, knowing how to find someone’s location by cell phone number can be a useful skill that comes in handy now and then. These days, with all the pitfalls of life in a digital world, there’s a growing demand for tools and resources for tracking someone’s phone.

However, this increasing demand has also been met by a tidal wave of fake, ineffective, and untenable solutions floated across the Internet. These solutions are marketed with misleading claims that are easily discernible to the tech-savvy. The creators pry on the technical naivety of their victims.

Nonetheless, it’s not unrealistic to believe that you can track someone’s location through their cell phone; your only challenge will be sifting through the myriads of tools and techniques flying around to find the best one for you.

This piece has been put together to help fast-track your search. We’ll show you exactly why certain tools and methods are flat-out untenable. When you’re done reading, you’ll be able to tell the difference between what works and what doesn’t for everyday people. We’ve also presented both free and paid tools and techniques, each with its advantages and disadvantages, to provide you with a wide breadth of choice.

Why People Need to Locate Phone With the Only Number

Knowing how to track someone’s phone is an essential survival tool for life in today’s digitized world. It can serve you both in the short and long run. It can help you in both your personal and professional life. However, the use of this skill is subject to legalities. You’d want to ensure that you’re on the right side of the law when tracking someone’s location using a cell phone number to avoid any possible legal tussle with your targets.

You can walk the fine-lines of legality if you track someone’s location for the following reasons:

  • To recover a lost phone: This is a rock-solid legitimate reason to want to track a phone’s location. But it’s always advisable to enlist the help of others like professionals and law enforcement officials when tracking a lost phone to avoid getting into more trouble with the stealer. However, if you believe you actually lost the phone somewhere and it wasn’t stolen, you can go ahead to find it on your own using a phone tracker.
  • To track the location of a cheating partner: Want to collect hard evidence of your partner’s infidelity? You have a right to know where your spouse is at all times, even if he or she doesn’t wish for that to happen. If you’ve been nursing suspicions of their infidelity, you can pay them a surprise visit when they go off to a suspicious location during an unusual time.
  • To track your employees’ location: Want to ensure your employees are not taking the company car out to hook up with friends during working hours while you’re away? Have you noticed something fishy around your office and would like to know what exactly your employees are up to? Tracking their location can help you reveal a lot about what they’re doing behind your back.

How Do You Track Phone’s Owners Only With Their Number?

Studies show that people are increasingly wary of picking up calls from unknown numbers due to multiple experiences of unwanted or unsolicited calls in the past. If you want to answer a call from an unknown number, you’d want to have a means for verifying their identity. You also don’t want your kids to respond to strange numbers of online predators who are stalking them.

Here are free, simple-to-use platforms where you can type in the phone number and find a location:

Using Google Search: You could find some information about an unknown caller by searching for the number on Google.

Using reverse phone lookup utilities: On the vast database of reverse phone lookup services, you can obtain details of a caller’s identity such as the first name, last name, city, state, etc.

White Pages: You can also check for any publicly available records associated with an unknown caller’s number on Whitepages. Simply enter the caller’s phone number in the search bar of the Whitepages site, and you’ll see all the public records of the number. Note that you may have to pay a premium to gain access to certain search results.

Using Spokeo: Spokeo is one of the world’s largest databases of individual and company records. With access to over 12 billion data points on the site, including those of billions of Whitepages and phone directories, you’re very likely to find some information on an unknown caller’s number on Spokeo.

Using Truecaller: With a record of over 250 million users, Truecaller’s registry is a good place to search for information about an unknown caller. Simply download the app and search for the number on it for free.

Using WhatsApp: You can also stumble on some valuable information about unknown callers if you search their numbers on WhatsApp. If the number is associated with any account on WhatsApp, you’ll find useful clues about the caller’s identity.

Is It Possible To Locate a Phone Only With Its Number?

One of the most prevalent scams involving phone location trackers are those that promise a means of tracking a phone’s location only through its number. You need to steer clear of these scams whenever you come across them.

The technology used to find someone by phone number is highly sophisticated; it’s rarely accessible to the public. It’s mostly used by government agencies and law enforcement. So if someone promises to show you how to find someone by phone number for a fee, it’s very likely that it’s a scam, and you won’t be getting what you paid for.

So Is There Any Way to Locate a Phone?

Thankfully, technological advancements have provided us with credible ways to track a phone. However, such solutions usually require you to access the target phone physically to install an app on it. But some do not require physical access to the target phone at any point.

With apps like mSpy, you can track a phone’s location with or without physical access to the target phone, depending on the phone model, the range of tracking features you want to explore, as well as your personal preferences.

Try mSpy

All in all, apps like mSpy will serve you efficiently and with high accuracy once you have them up and running. You’ll be able to track the phone’s location at all times, even if the phone is lost or stolen.

Here’s a breakdown of the location tracking features of mSpy:

A Detailed Map: Once the tracking campaign is on, you’ll be able to see your target’s movements and current location across a well-detailed map.
Records of Route History: If you don’t want to sit around all day tracking your target’s current location, you can look up the history of their whereabouts over a specific period. You’ll get to see where they went to at any specific time of the day.
Explicit Location Details: The app won’t leave you second-guessing the exact location being pointed at. Get all the details you need about the location, including its exact coordinates, address, proximity, as well as the dwell time of the target.
Geofencing: Yet another highly expedient feature you can use if you don’t want to sit all-day watching your target’s movement from your smartphone’s screen. With the geofencing feature, you’ll get alerted whenever your target transitions beyond a specified parameter. Is your partner branching somewhere away from the route between work and home? You could arm yourself with their location information to decipher any lies when you ask about his/her whereabouts. If you’re monitoring your kids, you’ll be alerted to intervene early enough if they are straying away from school or home.