If you are looking for the solution: “How to monitor my child’s texting?” – then simply install spy apps on your kid’s mobile and be sure nothing bad gonna happened to your kid. It has become a need for every parent to monitor their children due to their early maturity. You can easily get all the logs of text messages and other things done by your child’s on the phone.

These applications is paid, but you will get all the details of the text messages, along with information of sender/receiver, time of sending/receiving and the message text. If you think that your child is on the wrong track, then this one is absolutely for you. You can take services of the tools provided by mSpy and get all the benefits under one platform. It is possible to get messages from an iPhone or any Android-based phone.

Types of spying apps

There are several types of apps available for parental control. Not everyone’s needs are the same. It is therefore recommended to choose an app which suits you the most as per your requirement. The choices to opt from are:

  • Apps to restrict heavy usage with respect to making calls and messages;
  • Apps to control data usage;
  • Apps to restrict kids from getting access to certain apps which may contain only adult contents;
  • Parental control apps without the knowledge of kids etc.

What is mSpy?

There are several different mobile tracking apps and services available that allow parents to monitor child’s text messages easily. mSpy is one of the most famous apps and services in this category and it is popular all over the globe because it is easy to use and does not need any prior knowledge or experience in this field. Parents can easily install this app on their kids’ smartphones and tablets to keep a keen eye on their social media activities. Although the whole installation process is straight forward but you can even get technical support any time if you find it difficult.

Key features

  • mSpy will keep a track of all the incoming/outgoing calls on your child’s smartphone. It will drill into call logs thereby giving you the information about the time of the call, called number, duration of the call and will even record the call to any pre-defined suspicious number when asked. Using mSpy, you can also enable incoming call restrictions from a particular number.
  • mSpy will further fetch information regarding text messages or any other multimedia messages that are made or received on your child’s smartphone. Reading these text messages will certainly help you determine whether your child is making any wrong move!
  • All the emails that are made or arrive on your child’s phone will be available at your end. This will help you keep a track that your child is not being threatened by any mischievous people.
  • mSpy also performs GPS monitoring by which you can know where your child is going at every instant and get some idea about their surrounding friend circle as well by using its ‘record surroundings’ feature.
  • Not only this, the app also keeps a check on all the browsing activities. It will give all details of the browsing history on the smartphone. It gives you details of all the social media chats on online messenger and other social media browsing activities. This way you can ensure that your child is not getting hold of any inappropriate activities.
  • You can also get an access to the calendar and address books by which you can get information regarding any stored events and contact numbers on the phone.
  • It will also provide you the interface to remotely control all the apps and programs making it sure that your child is not making a misuse of the smartphone. You can also check all the photos and videos as well that are stored in the phone memory.

Free Demonstration and Easy Installation

mSpy gives all the demonstrations of its applications. You can buy the subscription, install the software on your kid’s device and you will be immediately ready to go for all the tracking. This will give track of all the activities done on the mobile, which is itself the best thing to be done for spying. Spying and tracking the text messages was never as easy as it has become with mSpy. Being a parent, you will not compromise on any information and hence, it is always preferable to go for paid software, rather than spying freely through any free software.