Do iPhones have the ability to show how many text messages you sent?

how many text messages you sentiPhone is the most sophisticated phone and an excellent platform for mobile and internet applications. If you wonder whether iPhones have the ability to show how many text messages you sent, then you should know that all the details about sent/received messages on iPhone you may find by checking its logs. However, if your iPhone is under a tracker, it is possible to get all the text message details by checking the control panel of mSpy. iPhone needs jailbreak before the installation of mSpy on it and you can get all the details about a mobile device by this software.

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Access Messages on Your iPhone Remotely

You can view the details on your iPhone by browsing the control panel. It is very user friendly and can be used at any platform with all details. You can get the messages in details with text, date, time and information about the receiver. It is a guaranteed way to track text messages and get to know what all a person converses with others. iPhone tracking requires physical access once to install software and once it is done, you can monitor all the text messages from a mobile.

If You Are Paying for the Service, It Should Be Great

mSpy is a paid software, but it is high-end application used for tracking and monitoring iPhone. You can contact customer support representatives get more information about any package and choose the one that suits your needs. You may also try 7 Days Free Trial and prolong the subscription if you really like the app!

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