What is a keylogger?

KeyloggerKeylogger is a function meant for mobile spying. This is the tool to spy on any mobile device by getting details for every single keystroke made on the mobile for any usage. It makes it easy to find out all the important details about a mobile and what a person does on it for the whole day.

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Track the Activity of Mobile Phone

Mobiles have become an integral part of life and you can easily track anyone’s activities by tracking and monitoring their mobile phones. mSpy is the number one solution for spying any mobile and the best thing is that you can do it without the device owner know about it. In professional terms, a person needs to inform the employee about the spy on their mobile because it becomes otherwise illegal to track any mobile without letting them know about it. However, personal phone spying is usually done without letting the user know about it.

Keylogger Feature

mSpy will give you record of all the key strokes made on the mobile. A phone user has multiple apps on his/her mobile and keylogger is the right way to track these apps. This app is meant for you, such that you don’t miss out any single information in the single spied app. Key logger makes everything fully clear to you. You will find it as a useful tool for spying.

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