Tracking Your Lost Phone In USA

Tracking your lost phone in USAIn this smartphone generation, you are just a finger touch away from performing all your daily scheduled tasks. Almost all your activities right from managing your e-mails, scheduling you meetings, creating documents or file, browsing the internet and many more are carried out through this smartphone. It can be said that this technological revolution has really brought the entire world at the screen of your smartphone. But at the same time we need to be very alert on the dependability of the gadget as just a few hours of dissociation from your smartphone may prove to be tedious and cumbersome for you.

Why to track your mobile devices?

Sometimes it becomes very imperative to track your misplaced or lost mobile devices as your mobile may contain data that is very secret to you or also contain some of the very confidential data relating to your work. This data being caught into wrong hands may prove to be extremely harmful to you. Today, there are various mobile tracking apps that are available online that makes use of the GPS method to track your mobile. Such  mobile monitoring apps are also used for different purpose like monitoring the daily activities of employees at office place or keeping a track on your loved ones.

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Several ways to track your lost phone

iPhone (iDevices)

Apple has provided its users a Find My Device feature in its software that use iCloud based services in order to track the lost phones. This feature performs spot check in order to track any misplaced or lost iPhone. A very novel feature of Find My Device is that users can remotely lock or swipe their phones so that they can prevent any potential threat to their data being exposed to any unknown person. To use the Find my Device service you need to get logged into the iCloud account. In order to perform tracking of your lost phone you need to have your phone synchronized with your iCloud account. However, Find My Device performs an on-demand tracking and not real-time tracking. Thus if the battery of your phones is drained out or data connection is lost, it is quite possible that your tracked data may show you results as old as few days or even months.


Android interface as such doesn’t have any in-built device tracking feature. However there are various applications that are available today on the Play Store that help you track your lost phone. Install the application and give your account while signing into the app. You can now remotely track your device once if it misplaced. Even if your mobile doesn’t have the app you can install it remotely and track your device.

Windows Phone

The Windows phone from Microsoft has got a Windows Live account. However, here you need not install the application on your phone. Thus it proves to be a very easy way to track your lost device. Signing into your Windows account online, you can now track the lost phone.

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