Track the Everyday Activity of All Your Devices

Tracking all activities on your smartphone or tablet might come in handy in some certain situations but actually there is no easy way to do that. Some apps and services for different mobile operating systems like Android and iOS have been developed to record screen but that’s all what those apps could do. Amazingly you can do that by choosing an unusual app called mSpy. Actually mSpy is a monitoring and spying app and service that is exclusively made for parents and employers.

What is mSpy actually?

Employers can protect their businesses and data breach by issuing company’s smartphones with pre-installed mSpy software to keep an eye on their employees all the time. On the other hand, parents can install this software and app on their kids’ computer, mobile or tablet to monitor all of their activities to protect them from cyber threats. Although this is not the primary purpose of this amazing app and service but many people use mSpy as an antitheft app too.

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Track the Everyday Activity of All Your Devices

How you can use mSpy for tracking activities?

All you have to do is install mSpy on your phone or tablet and configure it to record all the activities and actions taken on that device. mSpy can record messages, emails, IMs and other online activities without consuming too much system resources and battery power. You can configure mSpy to record on selective activities.

How to access those activities and logs?

You don’t have to have physical access to that target device all the time in order to see those activities and logs. You can access that information from the web portal provided by the company at the time of purchase. With the help of that login information, you can access all your activities from anywhere and anytime.

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