Is there any tracking app for iPhone that lets me know when someone receives text message?

People familiar with the way Facebook and Blackberry Messenger applications work often ask – is there any tracking app for iPhone that allows to know when someone receives text message?

Was My Text Message Received?

Tracking app for iPhoneThis has a bit of a double meaning because “received” could refer to the person having actually opened the message in question or the message simply being delivered to the device successfully. If you’re interested in the latter, mSpy is a cell phone spying application that can help you determine whether or not your message was successfully delivered – useful if you suspect the other person might be blaming network problems for not replying to your messages.

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Text Message Delivery Confirmation

mSpy, the tracking app for iPhone and Android, works in the background on the target device but you must first borrow the device for a few minutes to install the application and configure it so that it will hide itself (much easier than it sounds). Once this is done successfully, you can just sit back and log into an Internet-accessible control panel that shows you all the messages that have been sent or received on the device – which will of course show you if the message you sent was actually delivered successfully. mSpy also tracks phone calls, GPS location data, and contents of messages sent via other platforms like WhatsApp and iMessage.

You may test the app for free by installing 7 Days Free Trial on the mobile device you want to monitor.

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