How Does GPS Tracking System Work?

How Does GPS Tracking System Work?What if you are lost in the middle of nowhere in a new place or if you have been lost in a remote location that is completely new to you?  You need not worry, as the ‘technological boon’ of Global Positioning System (GPS) will come to your rescue and help you navigate to the nearest of the safest places.

Looking at the way the technology is progressing; GPS seems to be a substitute to the earlier method of navigating using magnetic compass and comes with a plethora of advanced features and more in-depth navigating facilities. Today the facility of GPS has been incorporated in mobile phones and various other gadgets such as iPads, etc.

The mobile GPS helps you spy any suspicious person who is working on your back or hiding some essential data from you by monitoring his position.


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How does mobile GPS tracking system work?

  • GPS is basically a satellite based service that works by effective communication of transmitting and receiving signals between your mobile device and the satellite.
  • The basic requirement is that your mobile device must be equipped with GPS to help you enjoy this facility.
  • As we know that our mobile devices communicate using two way radio signals – transmit and receive. Similarly the GPS in your phone receives signal from the satellites and tracks the location.
  • The GPS receiver in your mobile seeks which satellite it can communicate (out of the conventional 24 satellites used for GPS) and gives you accurate information regarding your position, time and many more.
  • As all the satellites communicate on the same frequency, the streaming might be a bit slow. However on an average you mobile GPS takes about 30-40 seconds to establish connection and get you accurate results.
  • Today however a new version of GPS knows as Assisted GPS (AGPS) is available which gives you nearest direction to move to your required destinations with real time positioning. The Assisted GPS assists you to your destination once you get your location tracked and enter the destination to be reached.
  • The Assisted GPS comes with voice alert features as well. The AGPS also allows you to determine the nearest places of entertainment, restaurants, hotels and many such. It truly serves you with a very healthy experience of getting things done.

What is the basic use of GPS tracking?

Rather than moving further into the technicalities let’s now see how the GPS system is helpful.

  • The GPS can be used in corporate offices to monitor your logistics and keep a track on your material sent to other locations. If one of your office colleagues is carrying out any suspicious work out of office you can track where is he moving.
  • It helps parents to keep a check on their kids and lets them know where they are moving out at the back of their knowledge.
  • If in case you are in an unknown place, GPS will help you to navigate to your correct destination.

GPS has certainly brought the most effective solution to the problem of location services with accurate and profound tracking facilities.

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