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How to detect a spy software in your phone?

how to detect a spy software in your phoneIf the backend of your mind thinks that someone is spying your cell phone, then you can detect it by an open mind and keen eye by looking forward to important points. However sometimes it can be difficult to detect a spy software in your phone because some Spy software like mSpy are quite sophisticated and can work very intelligently without letting you know about it. Continue reading

Is there a spying app for iPhone that lets me know when someone has received my text message?

Apple’s iPhone is the most renowned mobile and people used to take it as a status symbol to own this phone. However, the trends have changed and there are many new phones available in the market having much more functions than Apple. You can see whether the receiver has got the message through various free apps available online. If the message sending goes failed, then it is intimated to the user, but if the message is sent otherwise, there is no intimation about the message read or unread status. Continue reading

Do iPhones have the ability to show how many text messages you sent?

how many text messages you sentiPhone is the most sophisticated phone and an excellent platform for mobile and internet applications. If you wonder whether iPhones have the ability to show how many text messages you sent, then you should know that all the details about sent/received messages on iPhone you may find by checking its logs. However, if your iPhone is under a tracker, it is possible to get all the text message details by checking the control panel of mSpy. iPhone needs jailbreak before the installation of mSpy on it and you can get all the details about a mobile device by this software. Continue reading