How to spy on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with mSpy?

spy on iPhone, iPad or iPod TouchmSpy helps to get spying and retrieving secret data from any device. If you don’t wish to spend your money on something useless and want to spy on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch easily without geting into trouble, then this one is preferable for you. It doesn’t appear in the mobile interface and you can log into your account to get a copy of the data. It emails you all the data stored on the device and allows to monitor all the activities carried out within the device. It even helps in recording WhatsApp messages, which is a missing feature in many software apps. Continue reading

Is it true that police or the government can spy on you through your iPhone if they want?

spy on you through your iPhoneHave you ever wondered whether the police or the U.S. government can spy on you through your iPhone? If yes, then we have prepared a short investigation for you.

Basically the police or government have full rights to spy on any iPhone or other device for inspection purposes. They can get all the information from a network provider or even install spy software on your mobile. You will be unable to find out that your phone is being spied by government agencies as it is done with an invisible mode. Continue reading

Can I spy on iPhone if I have serial number?

spy on iPhoneJust by having the serial number, you can’t spy on iPhone without the access through a network provider. With serial number, you can only track the location of a mobile, but it should be done through the association with the government or police. However, the police can spy on your mobile through a direct connection with the network provider. Continue reading

Do iPhones have the ability to show how many text messages you sent?

how many text messages you sentiPhone is the most sophisticated phone and an excellent platform for mobile and internet applications. If you wonder whether iPhones have the ability to show how many text messages you sent, then you should know that all the details about sent/received messages on iPhone you may find by checking its logs. However, if your iPhone is under a tracker, it is possible to get all the text message details by checking the control panel of mSpy. iPhone needs jailbreak before the installation of mSpy on it and you can get all the details about a mobile device by this software. Continue reading

Is there any way to recover deleted sms from WhatsApp from iPhone?

recover deleted sms from WhatsAppProbably each of us, at least once at our life, wanted to recover deleted sms from WhatsApp and did not know how to do it. iCloud backup stores chats from WhatsApp and other media items related to it. WhatsApp 2.10.1 and higher versions can only use backup facility of iCloud and restore the history. It only includes chats and media items, but not videos. There is a way to take backup manually in Chat settings and Chat backup in it. There is facility of automatic backup. iCloud signing up in your iPhone is necessary for using this feature. Continue reading

WhatsApp spy Software for iPhone and other mobiles

WhatsApp spy software is the requirement of many users. People using iPhone and Android are mostly using this application for conversing with their family and friends. It has become an easy and highly accepted application for chatting, sharing pictures, contacts, videos and locations. Continue reading

Can iDevices (iPods, iPhones) get viruses or spywares etc…?

In this article we decided to answer the question that bothers almost everybody who uses iOS products:

  • Can iDevices (iPods, iPhones) get viruses or spywares?

Keep on reading and we will answer your question.

Can iDevices (iPods, iPhones) get viruses or spywares. What to expect from my iOS

iDevices don’t get viruses or spywares because MAC & Apple iOS is highly protected from any kind of outside attack. However, it can happen for jailbreak mobiles or devices as it directly lets the virus to trace the mobile, but the chances for the same are rare. Continue reading