Can I spy on iPhone if I have serial number?

spy on iPhoneJust by having the serial number, you can’t spy on iPhone without the access through a network provider. With serial number, you can only track the location of a mobile, but it should be done through the association with the government or police. However, the police can spy on your mobile through a direct connection with the network provider.

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Best Online Spying Software Available to Spy on iPhone

mSpy is the number one spying software available online and you can spy on iPhone or Android based phones, but it is really necessary to get physical access to the mobile device at least once to install the software. It is required to install mSpy on the device you want to track and once you are done with it, the software starts to spy and monitor the phone activities without letting the user know about it.

Does Free Spying Apps Actually Work

There are many cell phone tracking apps claiming 100% FREE spying on your mobile phones, but those applications are not completely reliable. Your iPhone can’t be spied just by giving the serial number and you will have to jailbreak the phone and then get the spying process begin on the system. The software works on any platform and it is feasible to get the whole detail of the call logs, text messages, whatsapp, skype conversations and almost any activity done on the mobile.

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